Lest we forget, it should be noted that the Big Cheese is an emporium not entirely uncontaminated by cheese. Although more than half the shop is now given over to imported, freshly baked or speciality foods, the Big Cheese fulfils its original remit as purveyors of cheese-stuffs admirably. The range is perhaps not as extensive as it once was, but this is still the place to go to track down some of the finest cheeses from home and abroad. The heady scent of dozens of cheese flavours intermingling hits you as soon as you enter the spacious premises, so those who like their cheese bland should probably stay outside.

If you do have the good fortune to visit this shop, I recommend you immediately grab a generous wedge of a ludicrously mature and crumbly cheddar from West Combe Dairies, and a small wheel of the subtle but devastating Durrus. After that, ask for samples of the other delights on offer, and you should soon have the makings of a first class cheese board.