Re-took the reins at Apple in 1997, on a salary of $1 per annum, holding one share of stock. Why? Perhaps it was to indicate that he had more humility than in his days of running around calling employees "bozos" and telling people that they "just didn't get it".

However, Apple have become outrageously successful again since his return, so in early 2000 he decided to take the CEO job permanently, and then accepted one of the most generous compensation packages ever seen in corporate America, viz. $90 million worth of private jet, and options to buy something like 5% of the company at a knock-down price.

Still, you gotta love him. He's an awesome public speaker, famed for the reality distortion field he projects. He's probably no less evil than other capitalist-heros like Bill Gates, but at least it is possible to respect his work.