Between 1976 and 1993, Scotus graced one side of the Irish five pound note. On the new, smaller, fivers, designed by Irish artist Robert Ballagh, Scotus's place is taken by Sister Catherine MacAuley, who was a pioneer in the field of education of people with mental handicaps. These in turn will be replaced by Euro notes and coins in 2002, so the once-familiar image of the bald and begowned Scotus will be pushed even further back into memory.

Update: There is some confusion as to whether the figure on the five pound note was in fact John Scotus Eriugena or thirteenth century philosopher John Duns Scotus. As yet, I can't come up with any reliable information to support either claim, as the figure on the note is almost always referred to as just "Scotus". At the moment, I'm leaning towards Eriugena, as he is more closely associated with Ireland, and his mode of dress on the banknote seems more in keeping with the ninth century than the thirteenth. If anybody can enlighten me further, please do so by means of a /msg. Thanks.