Wellesley is commemorated in the city of his birth by an imposing monument, a massive stone obelisk standing in the Phoenix Park, Dublin's (and indeed Europe's) largest city park. The monument is inscribed with the names of the sites of some of Wellesley's military victories, and metal reliefs depicting these battles. As I understand it, these metal panels were formed from junked cannon parts.

Despite this extravagant commemoration, Wellesley was a famously reluctant Irishman, and is quoted to have said:

Just because one is born in a stable does not make one a horse
It should be noted, of course, that the Wellington Monument was erected before Irish Independence, and nowadays most would be happy to allow his disavowal of Irishness. It is likely, in fact, that most Irish people are unaware that he was born in the country.

Today, his monument is used primarily as a meeting place and bicycle rack for amateur footballers who use the green areas that surround it for soccer games at the weekend.