Alan Moore's third D.R. & Quinch story, which can be found in D.R. & Quinch's Totally Awesome Guide to Life.

D.R. & Quinch are forced to fight in the slime jungles of Ghoyogi, in a war they inadvertantly started in D.R. & Quinch go Straight. The ensuing tale involves much cowardice, incompetence, slaughter, slime, audacious escapes, cross-dressing, musing on the futility of war and singing, as in the following examples:

"We're Space Marines, we're glorious
We're steadfast, brave and true.
So don't you dirtbags mess with us,
Or this is what we'll do:

"We'll nick your dogs, we'll nuke your schools
We'll stretch you on a rack.
We'll borrow all your garden tools
And never give them back.

"We'll spit at you and call you names
Tip napalm down your shirt.
Your chest will be consumed in flames
And that will really hurt."

The Ghoyogian song is even more stirring:

"Ghoyogi, my Ghoyogi
Home of the brave and free.
Where greenish-grey festoons of slime
Are draped from every tree.