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Born in the late 70s, there have been a lot of different influences in my life. Stretching from the strict conservatist to the open anarchist. From the mindful communist to the lustful socialist. I tend to place myself just a little to the left and somewhat into the liberal.
Sometimes I wonder who I am, and other times I know exactly who stares at me from within the mirror.
To me life is a gift. Every day is a bonus prize. Perhaps my expectations are low. To me, though, each moment is something to be used wisely. Not because life is short. Because life is too good to throw away by ignoring it.

I smile. I laugh. I joke. A lot. To the point of foolishness on occasion.
But then a little lightheartedness in the right place is good for the body and the mind.

I don't drink, smoke or use. These are personal choices, and while they may perhaps have been imposed upon me while young, I have thought it out for myself.
Nothing about myself is there because of someone else. I am who I want and work to be.
Offense is not easily taken. I learned long ago that the only person who can affect me is me. I take account of myself to myself and nobody else. I am the one who will judge me.
The biggest flaw that I have is my forthrightness.
I will say what I think. I will say what I feel. And quite often I will make a mess of things because of this. But I would rather say it and be out, than keep it in and let it fester.

My purpose in life is to enjoy, but also to learn.
There is no point in learning the world, if you leave it behind.