The BBC is not politically impartial

Perhaps one reason the BBC feels compelled to represent the "other view" regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict (as opposed to US foreign policy ceaselessly promulgated by the American media) is that Britain suffers from a guilt complex. After all, it was partially their failure to secure for the Palestinians any form of guarantee for self-government after their mandate passed away that led to some 900 000 achieving refugee status by 1948. While most of the shame-ridden "West" sought to recompense the Holocaust survivors in any way they could, two million Palestinians were displaced in the process from British Mandate Palestine. When the BBC presents the suffering of the Palestinian, it is attempting to tip the balance slightly in their favour, and rightly so.

On the other hand, their recent coverage of the Zimbabwe land issue was completely biased. I couldn't get over the lingering "imperialist" mindset, but then you've got to repress certain memories otherwise you might completely lose any sense of patriotism. Not half a century ago, the British had done to Zimbabwe's land owners what Israel had done (and still is) to Palestinians.

There is not one single news source that could, or should , be completely trusted. If everyone was interested in "The Truth" the world would be a different place. Such is the difficulty for one person to be politically impartial, so much more a whole organization.