This is Tom Tykwer's fourth film. The story is set in a small city in Germany, where Sisi a lonely woman played by (Franka Potente) works as a nurse in a Mental Institution, one day she meets Bodo a troubled man, after she is the victim of an accident he caused.

Sisi is deeply affected by the fact that Bodo saved her life, later, she looks for him because she is convinced that the accident happened for a reason and that they are meant to be together, Bodo is haunted by a personal tragedy and rejects her.

In this film Tykwer shows his abilities as an artist, he uses the elements of many genres to make a film that's not possible to be categorized in any genre but instead creates one for itself.

It's not surprise that Tom Tykwer is interested in exploring such themes as chaos and fate, those themes were highly explored in his international hit film Run Lola Run.