To be diagnosed with Asperger means the traits are stronger than in most people, you've run into trouble, and you're wise enough to seek professional advice - but it doesn't mean you're altogether different from the rest of the world.

Many people just consider it 'typical male behaviour' - which is true, but only as a rule of thumb.

Asperger is related to autism and ADD. Actually, I recognise Asperger within myself but narzos was kind enough to point out that ADD seems to fit my peculiarities better (and I agree, although my psychologist doesn't). In my layman's view, ADD is difficulty behaving, Asperger involves more severe problems in perceiving how to behave, and in autism the inability to understand human sensibilities is so severe that anything resembling normal behaviour is out of the question.

The so-called geek community, these computer freaks and math wizards and IRC addicts and Linux users, who have articles written about them on Slashdot these days and generally get a lot of press, I think they're proof that Asperger's is more common than you may realise.