Alice Cooper was a rock band originally from Arizona, supposedly named after a girl in high school, with a sound similar to Aerosmith. The core of the band recorded as early as 1965; national and international success came when they teamed up with producer Bob Ezrin.

After scoring their first chart success (Eighteen, 1971) they continued to expand their lavish theatrical stage shows, and the musical repertoire expanded in the same direction: a mixture of straight rock, music hall material, and mini-operas, reminiscent of Sgt. Pepper and contemporaries like Queen and David Bowie. (Ezrin was working with Bowie at the time.)

The band:

Other musicians appear on the albums; the heart-breaking guitar work you hear in places is Dick Wagner's.

The name of Alice Cooper soon became associated with its vocalist, and after the band broke up, he continued to use it as a solo artist to the present day, with wild swings in quality and popular success. I cherish my audio cassette of his Muppet show appearance. Amidst great hilarious fun it has a beautiful rendition of You and me (from Lace and whiskey, 1977).