The trajectories of disintegrating systems
fireballs, as the habitats collapse in space.
Velvet-black and silent in the night,
slipping, shoeless through steel tunnels,
blinking, blinded in the light.

Once there was a city here, and now it is a star,
bright and burning, porch fires muted,
and soundless in the black. Streets have gone to cinders
coyote space pilots in the night. A cigarette
a falling star
- a suited, drifting form.

Propulsion, the jet-line - the jerk of the pull,
outwards, accelerated, on a slab of the wall. Once
there was a city here - now a spaceship, impulse drive -
for habitat, a holofield, burning in the night.

The trajectories of disintegrating systems, cinders in the night.
Velvet-black and silent, blinded by the light.