A street in Atlanta, Ponce de Leon runs from West Peachtree on one end off into Decatur somewhere on the other. It passes through downtown and has a number of places of employment and residences along it.

Note that, although it has been named after the aforementioned Spanish explorer, the natives nonetheless have their own pronunciation for the street. I was always taught "ponce dayleown" with that French sounding end to it. They say "ponce d'Leon", as in the common name Leon. A transcript, from memory from my freshman year at Morehouse with my boy and roommate in the dorm, a native:

Me: Hey, man, how do you get to Ponce de Leon?
Him: You mean Ponce de Leon? This is the ATL, don't nobody speak Spanish 'round here. (not literally true, of course, but I laughed anyway)
Another of my roommates described an interesting event on this street. He was driving along it, and saw a club, with just a sign on it with a Red Rooster logo. No name. He saw a man come out and run across the street. He was wearing chaps. Now, this is somewhat unusual in and of itself, and I pictured the standard cowboy, with jeans underneath the chaps, so I was rather bemused, but I wouldn't call the story so memorable that I would go out of my way to tell somebody about it, Until he restated: He was wearing nothing but chaps.