Thursday was the one month anniversary of my bariatric surgery. In the wake of that event, I have lost 37 pounds, dropping from 384 to 347. 21 to go to get back to where I was in the 10th grade, believe it or not. My wife notices the difference already. She says my gut is much smaller. I notice my neck and face are thinner. My diet has changed again. I can eat tuna salad, chicken salad, and thin sliced deli meats. I can eat hard boiled eggs as well.

According to the doctor, I am doing spectacularly well. I can expect to lose about 80-100% of my excess weight, which, considering my height and build, means I have 150-180 pounds left to go to get to 100%. I have been walking regularly, and soon I will get into weight lifting again. I feel essentially normal now, except that I cannot eat much. I can't quite hold an entire egg at one sitting. Any really tough proteins like meat and eggs fill me up quickly, and I will vomit if I eat too much. Things which easily dissolve and liquids are much easier.

I get to have fruit now, too. I'm going to eat a bit of banana today. I still need to get protein first, so I'll try not to overdo it on other stuff.