Question usually uttered after a breakup. I have been asked this question once, and I just said "sure," or something to that effect at the time. After giving it a bit of thought, though, I think the best answer for me is "Let's just not be enemies." I don't want to hang out with you or chat on the phone often about news of the day or share witty aphorisms about modern society. It's good enough for me if you don't hate on me, and I don't hate on you. I will say hello when I see you, and you can reciprocate. I won't call you to find out what you are doing this Friday, and do you want to go to the club. Don't call me about the stress you are having at work. I won't burden you about my family sweating me. We won't be friends because we won't make special efforts to interact. We aren't enemies bacause I bear no ill will towards you, and you none towards me. Maybe it isn't perfect, but it gets the job done.