The weekly progress report:

My plan

  • Weight: 248 lbs.

  • As you can see I lost an additional pound. Still on track.

  • Exercise: 2 walks of 20 minutes each.

  • I haven't given up, but I had some trouble this last week. Getting up in the morning is tough and I started playing a massively multiplayer game lately (a tale in the desert), which didn't help at all. One thing that has been great is the support that various E2 members have been providing. It's not something that I anticipated when I started this project. To all of you who have responded with words of encouragement I say thanks. It's really helped.

  • Diet:

  • This is the one aspect of my life that is going more or less according to plan. Since I stopped the fast food for dinner, I've found that I actually enjoy cooking quite a bit. Shopping is a bit of a pain, but I've managed to eat breakfast and dinner every day execpt Tuesday. I just need to plan a little better for Tuesday, because I know I won't have time to cook.

  • Changes:

  • There's a grassy area beside the parking lot at work and I'm thinking it might be perfect for some ultimate frisbee. I've been told that this is great exercise and also very fun.