I did two things today that I really don't like very much. First, I skipped my scheduled work out. Second is I blew someone off that I really shouldn't have.

The person that I blew off called me on the phone because I didn't show up as promised. They called me twice. I don't know for a fact that it was them, because even though I have an answering service, it doesn't let me screen calls. I'm pretty sure it was them, though. This person is my boss. The place I didn't show up at, is work.

Now, I think ordinarily most people might think this was quite serious and that I might get fired if I did this, but I actually can't get fired, because I'm indispensable. Wow, that sounds so bizarre, even as I type it, but it's true and it just dawned on me.

The really strange thing is I'm not worried, instead, I feel guilty. I let my boss down when he was counting on me. But I feel, that I'm being taken advantage of, and I don't really want to be there.