I like design. Consequently ostentatious logos neither draw me to or turn me away from a piece of clothing.

For example, I'm currently wearing Eckō jeans, which have five uses of their rhino logo and three of their name emblazoned on them. On the other hand I'm wearing a River Island tee. This has only one occurence of branding on it which is the label on the inside of the neck.

Am I wearing the jeans as a status symbol because of the brand? No, I'm wearing them because I like the fit, the colour, the way there's a superfluous side pocket. Why am I wearing the top? Again, I like the fit, the way the sleeves are worn at the ends, and the little (non-brand) symbol printed on the outside of the neck.

If people like what they're wearing then why does it matter if they're advertising that company? I like interesting clothes, and if it's the design of the logos that makes them interesting then so be it.