Adams Morgan is an area in Washington, D.C. that is known mostly for it's wonderful assortment of bars. It is located a few miles northeast of the White House (and all the other neat-o things every tourist should see), and you can find it by traveling up Connecticut Ave from that area. If you’re on the Metro, get off at the Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan stop and walk north on Calvert St. for 10 minutes and you’ll be there.

Adams Morgan is incredibly diverse, and quite possibly the most diverse area in DC. First, you have the locals who populate the many ethnic restaurants and bars. This in turn attracts college students and young professionals who like to hang out in bars with a ‘local’ feel to it. So you end up with this dichotomy of bar-hoppers that brings a unique feel to Adam’s Morgan.

Now, since the best thing about Adams Morgan is the bars themselves, here’s a quick list of some of them:

Madam’s Organ – Cool name, huh? This is a bar that has a dive bar feeling without actually being a dive bar. You’ll find cheap beer and a good amount of college kids here on the weekends.

Heaven and Hell – When you stand outside of this bar, you can go upstairs to a club-like atmosphere, or downstairs to a smoky area filled with red light.

Common Share – There’s nothing better than a bar that sells beer at a flat rate. $2 will get you (almost) any beer (they used to have all beers $2, but now it's only domestics).

Adams Mill – A nice bar with a huge patio on the outside, which is great for hot summer days.

In any event, make sure to just walk around the area if you ever find yourself in DC. It’s better than paying $4 a beer at the Hard Rock Cafe, and you get to experience a little more of the DC flavor.