It is now widely accepted amongst cosmologists and theoretical physicists, that the universe was created from a 'Big Bang'.

This theory basically states that there existed a singularity of infinite mass and infinitely small volume (I know this sentence sounds bizarre and is hard to comprehend but think of it as an infinitely dense point). This singularity had a powerful surge of some sort of energy causing it to explode which initiated the creation of the universe as we currently know it.

In the past it was believed that the universe was static neither expanding or contracting. Even Einstein was forced to include into one of his equations what was called the Cosmological Constant to conform to that old held belief.

When Edwin P. Hubble and Robert W. Wilson showed that the universe was expanding in 1931, Einstein had to retract his cosmological constant and admitted that it was the greatest mistake he had ever made.

It was noted by two cosmologists, that galaxies were travelling far away from our own and also travelling away from each other. They concluded that for this to occur the universe must be expanding. Needless to say it has since been proved and is visible from the red shift (light emitted) of stars.

Quran 51:47

With power did we construct the universe. Verily we are able to expand the vastness of space thereof.

This fact was stated in the Quran over 1400 years ago, but at the time its concept was not understood.