Good Morning Iraq, what would you like for breakfast? how about aerial bombardment with ohhh let's say 39 cruise missiles with a generous sprinkling of stealth bombers, that should go down quite well..

11.00am GMT:
BBC News 24 - Already one civilian dead and many injured, as television facility and customs house was hit.

1.15pm GMT:
BBC News 24 - US military aircraft (Helicopter MH53) has Crash landed in southern Iraq.

2.00pm GMT:
BBC News 24 - All aboard the helicopter have been rescued.

3.30pm GMT:
BBC News 24 - Intense level of bombardment has begun in southern Iraq by US military aircrafts.

4.00pm GMT:
BBC News 24 - There are rumours of large burning oil reserves, no further details on that as yet.

4.40pm GMT:
BBC News 24 - Turkey allows the use of its air space.

5.30pm GMT:
BBC News 24 - US troops fire on Iraqi positions from the Kuwait border in an on ground assault. Vehicles carrying Paveway GPS laser guided bombs have returned to the Kuwait border empty, which suggests that they have been utilised.

5.50pm GMT:
BBC News 24 - Air raid sirens are sounding in Iraq.

6.05pm GMT:
BBC News 24 - BBC reporter John Simpson live from Baghdad, stated that it was definately Saddam Hussein in the Iraqi televised report after the US onslaught in the early hours, and hence the US were clearly misinformed since they missed their target.

6.30pm GMT:
BBC News 24 - American cruise missiles have struck Baghdad and shaken the city with massive explosions. Live televised link showing Baghdad city centre with certain areas up in flames. A building associated with the Ministry of Planning has been hit.

6.50pm GMT:
BBC News 24 - British Royal Marines commandos have stormed into southern Iraq.

7.10pm GMT:
BBC News 24 - Kuwaiti soldiers have clashed with Iraqi troops on the Kuwait-Iraq border.

I've already had enough of this, and it's just the beginning.. Iraq will allegedly have 1500 bombs/missiles dropped on its soil daily when this war really gets underway.

So do what you can to STOP THE BLOODY WAR.

Note - 42% of Iraqis are Children

During the night 8 British Royal Marines and 4 US servicemen lost their lives (and that's putting aside any civilian casualties) on day 1 of this so called Humanitarian War.
Today I am not proud to be British...