Please note that in Japan, the old tradition was to not to pay attention to breasts at all. Indeed, in feudal Japan before Western influence, the female body, nude or no, was never seen as a beauty, but almost entirely ignored. Murasaki Shikubu, a writer from the Heian period and author of The Tale of Genji, writes, "Unforgettably horrible is the naked body. It really does not have the slightest charm."

Chinese influence brought focus to the nude body, and especially well-developed breasts. In the T'ang dynasty, beauty was seen in quite portly women, well-rounded and plump. When Chinese culture was imported into Japan, this preference came along; however, the prevailing attitude was that the female form was not aesthetically pleasing at all. The focus for a woman's attractiveness was on mainly hair and clothing choice, rather than bust size or almost any other physical aspect.

However, Japan has long been the exception, rather than the rule.