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[Motion picture] [film speed] is 24 frames per second--too fast for the eye to perceive any single [frame] because of [persistence of vision]. Thus we experience the illusion of continuity and "reality."

The extremely subtle "flicker" that can be observed during film [projection] is completely unlike the [sensation] of "steadiness" inherent in [video] imagery, thus video can seem more "real" to us than film, and--oddly--film can appear to be more "poetic."

In [Gravity's Rainbow], his genius novel that will never be a motion picture, [Thomas Pynchon] incorporates the scientific [phenomenon] of persistence of vision through [cinema] as a [metaphor] for the [magical]:

"...They have used it to create for him the moving image of a [issy the teenage rainbow|daughter], flashing him only these summertime frames of her, leaving it to him to build the [illusion] of a single child...what would the time scale matter, a 24th of a second or a year (no more, the engineer thought, than in a wind-tunnel, or an [oscillograph] whose turning drum you could speed or slow at will...)?"

[Gravity's Rainbow], [Thomas Pynchon]

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