This is the one you respect.

Old soldiers, and young soldiers too, upon whom fate has smiled, wear the Combat Infantryman Badge proudly, above all their other decorations, on the left breast.

At the urging of Lieutenant General Leslie J. McNair and General George C. Marshall, Army Chief of Staff and himself an old-line infantryman, the award was established by the United States War Department on October 27th, 1943, to recognize in a personal way the skill and heroism of the American Infantryman. More than any other decoration it demands esteem.

A Silver Flintlock Long Rifle, superimposed on a blue background and a wreath of oak leaves, the CIB is irrefutable proof that a man has met the demon. It is awarded solely to an American infantryman who has been under fire in ground combat. It is second only to the Medal of Honor in prestige.

If you see a CIB with a star or even two stars attached, it means the soldier has seen combat in more than one war. Honor him.

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