Hey Hey Hey !!! Stop giving everyone ideas people !!

I happen to own a rather sensitive car. And it is a sporty convertible you see so it becomes rather necessary to not get rid of the alarm altogether (Screw the security, my car insurance rates will kill me if I do)

This thing used to blare off randomly at times when it detected a leaf caught in the itsy bitsy space left in the window or feels a slight shock due to God knows what.

When I had just bought it, I had a real tough time. It'd start blaring at 2:00 in the night. At that time I lived on a third floor in an apartment complex and my car parking was at ground floor. Even then, I could hear its sirens. (Imagine the plight of guys living on second floor). And so I used to run down in my sleep all somnambulistic with the car remote to shut the damn thing off and check if everything is all right.

I decided I should find out what's really wrong with this thing before someone attempts physical damage to me or my car. To start with, I started to just door lock my car in the nights and not turn the theft detection on. I found that my parking location is just next to the elevator exit from the parking. If someone would open this door with force there'll be a measurable force of air that'd upset my car (specially its top). I tested it a couple of times to find that this indeed is one of the problems. I also saw that due to the way windows are closed in soft top cars, there is always a slight possibility that a gap would remain between the rear and front side window glasses.

So I started to follow the practice where I'd first open a door, wind its windows up and then close the door back everytime I was rolling the windows up. This prevents the gaps. I also requested the apartment office to give me a different parking spot.

Since then this thing never went off in that parking lot.

It still goes off randomly every once in a while but if I'm at an earshot, I don't waste a second and run to it to turn it off and check all the windows.


So what's my point? The Solution begins at home. Everyone who owns a car with alarms should make sure (s)he's not taking the alarms lightly.

And if we find someone's car annoying us Big Time, please please first of all use a sticky note or something to post a message on his car so that the person becomes conscious of the problem and tried to attend to it. Believe me, to a lot of people, including me - this is as loud and clear as a foamed or painted message on the hood, and saves the annoyed person a potential arrest too.

Just my 2 cents.