> You're an angel

Her words, like a whiff of fresh air, appear and seep into me. I hover my mouse over them and they change ... 'You're A Devil' they say now. I smile and ask her if she'd care to dance with me one moonlit night by a seashore.

> Romantic, aren't we?

"I will if you will with me - either of the two - jumping in the lake or dancing by the seashore", I said back.

> :-)

We live in the world of words. The world where the smallest unit is not an atom or a quark, but a bit. Infinitely and instantly duplicatable, replicable, and communicable - a bit, the two cents.

They carry pictures, emotions, secrets, laughter, greetings, love messages within them across cities, countries, deserts, oceans, wires, air, machines. The bits.

A sequence of 0s and 1s if you will, but look a little closer and you will see what they are encapsulating, these bits - A message within their heart. Just one look at the words wouldn't give you the message though ... you have to look beneath them ... you have to see the words beneath her words.

Her name is agnes2k ... or blueheartedkitty...or just Karen, or tRissi or neon or morpheusitA - Take your pick coz its not real. Its a name beneath which is she, a person with a real name, hidden as if in a shell.

And it'll open, the seashell - she'll show you who she really is if you care enough to know. She'll show you what her heart is like, what her fear and pride are. The person hidden beneath the person she is.

She'll travel to you through her words ... not laced with accent, nor moulded with expression. The expressions are all hidden inside, you will feel her joy, her sadness, her discomfort, her wavering attention, her smile, her jest, her cry, her kiss, all through her words.

"May I ask you a question? and be a little serious please", I ask.

> ask away

"You know what I'm going to ask...so tell me my pixie...do you?"

And her words will have hidden words, sentences, emotions. Her smile will hide a compliment, her complaints will hide a lighthearted teasing .

And if its your lucky day. If you broke no shoelaces in the morning, and spilled no coffee, misplaced no keys and smiled at all the kids - her blushing or her jest will hide her confession of love.

> Go Jump in a lake