The first major instance of suicide terrorism was in December 1981, when the Iraqi Embassy in Beirut was bombed killing 27 and wounding over 100.

People dying. Burnt alive on streets by their neighbors of years. Burning tires hanged around some necks, others stabbed with butcher knifes. Refugees, the refuge - millions and billions in number; uprooted people, some lovers, some poets, a few shopkeepers and some daily waged laborers. Parents with no past to hold onto, Children with no future. God fearing people ready to kill and die in name of religion. Simple men with loving mothers and caring sisters turning to endless violence, fighting for cause they don't understand, fighting for land they’ll never walk upon; pained enough not to worry about it. Political assassins. Terrorists on move; the feared, the hated, the foolish, the lost, terrorist in hiding.

The aim of a terrorist attack is to let the foreign public as well as the national public hear their claim and draw attention to their problem or mission. They want the world to know they are serious and they need to display their power.

An innocent Sikh gas station attendant shot dead in Arizona for the racist murderer wasn't sharp enough to tell him from an Arab. Crime of ignorance. A Muslim killed in Texas for following the same religion as those who committed crimes; people he never knew. Ignorance on move. A Hindu temple burnt near Toronto just few hours after a special prayer service in memory of those who lost lives; for the arsonists couldn't tell it from a Mosque. and dozens of ancient manuscripts destroyed in fire.

Bosko and Admira’s dead bodies in embrace in no-man’s land. Armies at war; Suicide bombers in action. Starving countries spending millions on defense budgets. Third world nuclear powers in anger.

Suicide Missions are always a last straw for an organization. It reflects the desperation of the organization. After the suicide mission there is nowhere left to go for the person involved in the attack, and often the organization as well.

Passerby’s spitting or cursing at South Asian cabbies in New York. Immigrants wearing flags on their cars and homes out of respect and out of fear. Racial crimes in San Jose, Boston and Britain.

Pakistan worried it’ll be declared a terrorist nation if it didn’t help USA. India uneasy at US ignoring Pakistan sponsored terrorism. Angry India ‘waives’ sanction waiver.

Some terrorist say that they struggle for national independence, some say they avenge the events that happened in the past, like ASALA, Armenian Genocide Organisation, and the others tell that they want to make certain religious, racial, political, social, cultural and economic structures dominant. In addition to this problem, there is a basic application difference the solution of, which is impossible in the activities, defined as terrorism. "The person who is a terrorist for one is a warrior of independence for the other one".

Nathan .... this is unacceptable...

Why do some of us get involved in a difficult adventure taking the risk of death and suffering every kind of difficulties and poverty on the way of their target? The main reason why that is so lies on possessing uneven powers between them and their enemies they fight and struggle against. Thus, the impossibility of changing the system taken as a target in normal ways causes the armed struggle to be the unique solution.
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