... april moon ...

        He followed me,

from your home on top of the hill, through winding slow paced mountain roads, through narrow bridges over creeks, and thoughts of you, your memories, all the way to my lonely room ...
He followed me.

Playing hide and seek with clouds, he sang to me some crazy songs ...
out of tune,
out of sync,
of all the different random things
A Star shaped tiny flower (white), the fragrant winds ... (O the fragrant winds!!)

At Olive and Lakeheaven road,
that place where lies this little park where every shiny happy day
                young lovers meet, and children play,
I rolled my side of window down,
        and waved at him, he waved right back

"Say do you think she's missing me? half as much as I miss her? ..."

"She's sitting by her window and", the moon, he said in whispers back,
"She's smiling lost in random thoughts (your memories ...
        your silky touch)

my dear you're not the only one ...
She won't, I think, sleep much tonight ..."

                the april moon ... he followed me, and talked to me of lovely things ...