There is a bottle of shampoo that sits in my shower. It's been there for months now, partially hidden behind the strawberry scented Suave. Nobody uses it and probably never will, but it sits there untouched, in the corner.

When I was 13 I was introduced to the world of the Internet - I'm 21 now. I met a guy on a MUD then who I thought of as my best friend until about a year ago. Because that's when we met in RL. The bottle of shampoo in the shower was left by him when he came to visit. He left it on accident, I guess.

Everytime I take a shower I am reminded of him. Of the strangeness of having his words match up with his face, his expressions, his voice. I'm reminded of when he consumed every part of my mind. I'm reminded that we no longer speak to each other.

But that bottle of shampoo stays in place. I think to take it out and throw it away now and then, but I never do.