a soft gentleness has been uncovered, found within the smiles and laughs shared between a two people who would have otherwise never been thought of as gentle, especially not together. time has passed and so much has changed - good, bad, unsettling and chapters have been fleshed out, not yet written. I smile easier these days and I cry only when I have a reason to more often than not, and a startling realization occurred to me not long ago that the shyness I once called mine has long been disregarded. who is this girl that sits inside my skin, calling herself by my name but not being at all who I once thought I was? whomever she is, I've come to like her, even if some laugh at me and say I've become all too normal.

my days have been filled with thoughts of people, cramming for tests the day before when books haven't yet been opened, trying to move my mouth in such a way so that my father stops telling me it sounds as if I'm speaking spanish, not french. and a good friend of mine has moved not far away, although I've been neglecting her even still, but it's good to have someone so close in that sort of way.

I awoke from a dream only minutes ago that has been lost in a blur of wakening and being unable to fit into the confines of reality, and now a grogginess has settled over me urging me to miss yet another class. all I really wanted to say today was that I've finally found myself back onto a path that suits me, however odd that may be because I never quite saw myself here. I am here, though, and I'm happy.