I haven't pulled an all nighter in a while, but here I am. 7am and still awake. It wasn't because I had too much homework to do or because I was playing some online game that I couldn't get away from. No, it was because I was battling with a spider all night. That's right. I've got an irrational fear of spiders and this little black bugger wouldn't stop crawling on the ceiling right above my bed. I tried spraying some coconut scented body spray at it, but all it did was cause a very pissed off spider to crawl around on my walls. Okay, so I try smashing it with a book - but miss! Now I have a really pissed off spider crawling on my walls. Whatever. So I sat in my chair and read Scientific American until I realized the sun was coming up.

Really no big deal except I'm supposed to meet with someone at around noon. I can probably sneak in a few hours of sleep after I write this node.

I met this guy last Saturday. I met him from online actually, and we met in person Saturday. So, we literally spent like 10+ hours together, then again on Sunday. The past two days we've had 4+ hour conversations on the phone. It's eerie. I don't even like talking on the phone. It's not bad. It's okay to like someone, right?

Hmm, no spider. Goodnight.