Everything is okay. That's what has changed this year. These last few months. That's why I am happy. Nothing really matters. The same exact concept that left me immovable for so long has brought a strange kind of happiness to the surface now. I don't care if I repeat these thoughts. These are thoughts that should be repeated.

It's Sunday and there is so much to do. So much I want to do. I am filled with an impatient expectance and it leaves me smiling and singing at the top of my lungs. My sister can giggle outside the door because I can't sing, but I care not! I don't care! I care too much! It's all the same.

I have been thinking lately. Bits of conversations in the chatterbox. Bits of conversations here and there. Pieces of thoughts I'm putting together. E2 may not be perfect, and I've noticed a few people lately who have loudly exclaimed just that, but nothing is perfect. What E2 has personally helped me with is so important that none of that matters. Yes, so this is just a virtual community. Yes, it is just a website. But it has brought me to a new level of honesty with myself and those around me that I will never forget.

Just smile. It feels good.