To hell with that.

There's a lot of sides to me. When I was younger I would sit in my room and I would develop these personalities inside my head. There is the one I've found comfort in a lot lately. The one that feels things, all too much. The one who can drastically swing from happy to sad in a matter of moments, who can express herself and who can love herself.

But there's others. There's the one where I don't feel anything. Where I can shut off a feeling and turn one on as easy as a switch. Off, on, off on. Simple. I can be in love with a person and the next day say goodbye without a flinch, break a heart without a care, crush a hope without worry. It's not an anger thing, though, that's another personality. This is just the one capable of stepping back and seeing things as if it weren't really me.

All these sides are always fighting. The ones that want to have another cigarette and the ones who want to walk in the rain. The one that wants to tell someone I love him already and be done with it and the one who is scared. It's fucked up, and everybody has these personalities, and it pisses me off. And now it's the one that wants to throw things at walls and laugh at boys who think they're cool and want to shoot people.