As the alarm sounded I thought how silly it was that I could have set the alarm wrong, it had only been 5 minutes since I'd fallen asleep, right? Yeah, right. I figured I could go on a few hours of sleep as I used to, why not? I'm still young. What I didn't realize is eight hours of pure torturous hell, going through repeatative motions that turn my brain into mush by 5 o'clock is harder when you're counting the minutes even closer because you're sleep deprived.

The constant gossip of my co-workers didn't help any - as if I want to hear about their children getting circumsized or about the new, over priced nail polish they bought that weekend. It causes me to be ashamed of my gender, utterly embarrassed that this is the intellectual conversation of the day. I don't know how my sister can't understand my urges to smash people's heads into the concrete. That's me being nice.

At least I can node from work now, I got my own computer.