There were times when my head was filled with only thoughts of you. When my heart was overwhelmed with emotions meant only for you. In the darkness I'd close my eyes and whisper my goodnight to you. Every night, without a miss. When I went online it was you I searched for. You I wanted to share my day with. Only you.

Before the dawn would break and I woke up suddenly, the chill disturbing my dreams, it was you that first came to mind. It was you that entered even my dreams. The touch I imagined upon my cheek - the soft, gentle hands on my face. That touch was yours. "My Someone" was what I called it. I said I never gave it a name, it was an idea. I lied. It was always you. You were my someone. You were that one.

When the pain in my chest was so achingly painful and my cheeks burned from all the tears I'd cried, it was you that brought the pain. When he held me in his arms it was you I imagined him to be. I gathered my strength and continued through life, but it was you I did it for. It was you I read that book for. It was you that made me want to become someone else.

It was you I always wrote to. Everybody writes to someone, and it was you. Sometimes I never realized it, but it was always you. You were always there, on the other side, always there.

But I'm letting you go now. I don't need you there anymore. I don't think you ever needed me. I can stand on my own now and say goodnight to myself. I can write to myself and smile to myself and be sad to myself. I'm letting you go because that's what you taught me to do. It's still you, and will always be you, somewhere deep down there, even when I imagine someone else's touch upon my cheek.

I'm letting you go.