I disappeared again. It only lasted a few days, though. That's when I stop responding to email, lock myself away in my room, and waste the days away drinking Gatorate and eating Snickers bars. I stepped backwards for these few days, back to where I don't want to be, where the hours blend into each other and the ansi on my screen is more important than dinner. And I enjoyed it. Too much.

I missed four days of work last week. A much needed break I would say. But it wasn't exactly by choice. Had a little medical problem, had it taken care of. I go back to work on Monday. School starts on Monday, too. Oh, the joy! I am looking forward to it. The school part, anyway.

The books I ordered from borders.com arrived yesterday. I am happy. The past few months I've acquired so many books that my bookshelves won't fit anymore. What a dilemma.

The more time I spend online, the more empty it seems my room gets. It begins to feel so quiet when I turn the computer off. Too quiet. Like it had recently just become quiet and it was unnatural for it to be that way.

I feel so puzzled.