"Better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you're not."
-Phlogiston Verdigris 1

We bought a new VCR this weekend. The old one crapped out a couple months ago. I can probably fix it. I just need to find the time. I bought it at Sears. I saved so much money that I treated myself to a new CD at FYE.

The VCR was only $95.00. With all the features it has,it would have cost over $500.00 fifteen years ago. The cost of electronic products has been dropping like a stone for years. I had the old one disconnected and the new one installed in fifteen minutes. Sometimes I amaze myself. The old one is now a channel tuner for an ancient TV I have in the basement. Now we can watch our old movies in the LR instead of the BR, which has a little 13" TV with a built in VCR that Santa Clause brought us.

1 quote found on the back of, The Least Worst of Type O Negative

I took a chance and paid full price for that. I wasn't sorry. It was all and more than what I expected. I know its not for everybody. I remember the first time I saw TON on M-TV's 120 Minutes, one of them was playing an upright bass like a giant guitar with a chain for a strap. The guy was about seven feet tall and they kicked ass. The best part is, they still do.