I was in first grade when JFK was shot. The principal announced it over the PA system. I hardly knew who the president was. I remember the reactions of the adults and surmised it was quite a big deal. Five years later his brother was shot and killed. You wonder about the senselessness of it, and this was within our own country.

I was at work when one of my co-workers came into the room and said that a plane, a jet, had flown into one of the WTC towers. He was downloading a picture of it from the internet. We went to see it in his office and at the same time an announcement came over the radio playing in the background that the second tower had been hit. We both looked at each other with our mouths agap. This was obviously not an accident.

September 11 is not just another day. I read all the nodes from last year, for the first time. It all started coming back, everything that was starting to fade away. As all the information started pouring in, in the days that followed the attack last year, it became overwhelming and desensitization began to settle in. Whether our government and world leaders knew this was going to happen, nevermind when, where and how, won't change what has happened. But there is still the question: "How could God let this happen?"

I read about the passing of Hermetic at this time last year and noticed how well liked this guy was. I'm glad his stuff is still here. My neighbor's wife died a slow and painful death a couple years ago. We helped them out as much as we could but there was nothing anyone could do. I still remember them carrying her out of the house in the bodybag to the waiting hearse. My wife was sobbing. They had become close in the past few years. My neighbor said he didn't know how a kind and loving God could let someone as good and gentle as his wife suffer and die like that. She was only 54. It didn't make sense. He wasn't sure if he even believed in God anymore. He told the preacher who had the funeral service for her how he felt. The preacher told him, "You've got to believe in something."