"Uno, dos, tres, catorce."

I stayed up to be entertained by SNL last week-end. I'll watch the first skit and then endure Don Pardo's introduction of the cast until I find out who the guest host is and the musical artist. This alone can be the deciding factor for continuing to watch. The host was Luke Wilson and the musical guest was U2. I was certain they would play that new song, the one that's been on the iPod TV commercials for the past two months.

The song is called Vertigo. At first it sounded like Welcome To The fold by Filter but it has now acquired a life of it's own. I saw the video for it on VH1. I know I didn't see it on MTV. I haven't seen a music video on MTV in years. In the video the band members appear in a desert or salt flat with the wind blowing about 60 mph. Thick black smoke is coming off of each band member through most of the song. Then the ground breaks up into concentric circles which slide up and down like a giant wave. Then they begin to spin and tilt from one side to the other. Very fitting special effects. The album is to be officially released today.

"Hello, hello... Hola!"
"I'm at a place called Vertigo."

I want to get my son an iPod for Christmas. He lost KaZaA when we got our computer cleaned out last month. Damn you Spyware. I experienced sticker shock when I looked up the prices of these digital devices. Apple has a 40GB & 20GB version, along with the iPod mini. The 40GB version seems like overkill and the iPod mini is a bit feminine. So I guess its the 20GB version. There are quite a few accessories available and some car stereo manufacturers have adapted their products to be compatible with the iPod. Bose has a new sounddock designed to accept it too. Looks like they are headed for the mainstream.

To get something on your iPod you may need to access iTunes. We don't use P2P sharing anymore so we don't have to worry about being sued by the record industry. However, I did buy a Motörhead and Ringworm CD after hearing some stuff I liked "online". I've noticed some other brands of digital recorders popping up but iPod seems to have the edge on a bonafied product.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah..."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!"