The temperature was 70 degrees again this morning. It was 88 degrees by mid-afternoon with a heat index of 91 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat index is like the anti-windchill. I'm adjusting to the clutch in my dad's 1997 Chevy S-10 pick-up truck. The bed is full of tools and pipes and half empty paint cans. It's a slo-mo-fo compared to my Ford Escort. I'm driving his truck because he's layed up for a couple of three weeks and isn't allowed to drive. "And it needs to be driven," he says. I stopped for a copy of USA Today since I'm a news junkie and to fill the gas tank up. The fuel gauge has always been on full. He told me this after I thought this baby was getting terrific mileage. I was instructed to reset the trip odometer after filling the tank and it should be good for about 225 miles.

A UPS truck came flying up behind me and was right on the rear bumper for a couple miles until I turned off for gas. I figured he must either be a gung-ho new guy (what a find) or a seasoned vet out to beat the heat. I took the high road to work even though its an extra three miles because I'm a radio nut, too. Amateur radio, scanners, CB, AM talk radio and so on. Before I get to work the road drops into a deep valley along the Allegheny River in W. PA. I noticed all kinds of cars and flashing lights along the side of the road. There was the bright glow of magenta flares in the light fog that was beginning to lift. There were five brown UPS trucks lined up with the other vehicles and as I passed by I noticed that another one had flipped over the guard rail. The other drivers were there to retrieve the packages I bet. Hope they didn't forget the driver.

The traffic got heavier as I came into Franklin, PA and soon I was part of a long line. I've got to start hauling my ass out of bed a little earlier so I can avoid this crap but I've been surfing my new favorite web site E2. I swung by the YMCA to check out any of the nice looking young moms that might be out taking their little ones to day-care. I lost my regular parking spot and almost hit that guy. I yelled out the window, "Almost got you." He faked a polite laugh. He moved pretty quick for an old guy. I hoped like hell the first pot of coffee wasn't spent once I got inside.