Look at me, I'm noding at work. I don't have access to the internet at my work station but a couple other people do. My boss came into the office where I'm at and asked how the stock market is doing. I told him the Dow is up 28 points as of noon. I actually jumped in here to doing a little editing to one of my recent nodes.

Our AC was froze up this morning so I went up on the roof about 7:30 this morning to take the doors off the ancient unit which is way overworked. It was thawed out by 10 A.M. The only way to tell if it's working is to go outside for a minute and come back in. As soon as someone finds out you've been working on it they label you an expert. Then when it gets too hot you are the first one they come to bitching about the heat and humidity. Fortunately I have a wide temperature comfort zone.

I'd better get out of here even though it looks like I'm hard at it. It's Friday and this place really clears out at lunch so I almost have the place to myself. I brought my lunch with me, red beans and wild rice with chicken, and a can of Venom which is a high energy drink loaded with caffiene and some good vitamins, similar to Red Bull, KMX, and a few others. I think I'm getting hooked on the stuff. The first sip makes your mouth feel a little numb. My sister-in-law said they mix Red Bull and vodka at parties now ( I don't get out much) and they take "E" and "V" and stay up all night and have a helluva good time. The weekend is just around the corner.