I got up at 5:20 A.M. and went for a short run. It was still dark, sunrise isn't until 6:37 A.M. today. I was hoping to see what was left of the full moon but the skies were overcast. The streets were still wet from last night's rain and it felt very close. The temperature was 72 degrees (fahrenheit) with 100% humidity and a dew point of 70 degrees. I saw my neighbor walking his dog and I saw the paper carrier's car way up the street. We get our paper long before we get up most days. I could hear the low roar of the occational air conditioner and an occational car would pass. It's amazing how many people are already up and on their way at 5:30 in the morning. Most days I'm still asleep at that time. I wondered about how much heat those AC units were giving off.

We've had a very warm summer, makes me wonder about global warming. Pittsburgh is about 90 miles to the south of Oil City, PA where I live and they average about 8 to 10 days over 90 degrees in the summer. This year they've had over 20. Yesterday was no exception. I'm almost done with my first glass of water. I think I sweated out at least that much. I only ran three miles. I wore my new running shoes for the second time. They're still a little stiff and tight but not bad for right out of the box. I bought my son a pair too. He's running on the cross country team at school. We picked them up with a few other things while doing some back to school shopping last week-end. Next week-end is Labor Day Weekend. Summer's almost gone. Time to squeeze in those last days of fun in the sun.

Our president, George W. Bush is on vacation, I guess you could call it a working vacation because I still see him running around making public appearances. I haven't heard him talking about the economy, and the Dow went back over 9000 yesterday. We're going camping for the 3rd time this summer, with the scout troop this week-end. Our primary objective is to hike ten miles. Some of the scouts need this as part of their rank advancement requirements. I have to leave right after work which means I have to pack the car before I go to work. I'll get the perishables on my way to the school where we meet. It is 6:40 A.M (10:40 utc) and the sun has come up, behind those clouds. The street light is still on across the street though. A new day has begun.