Derogatory term for a housing estate built for and by homosexuals. Apparently popular with some scene queens who see it as way of extending the scene into their everyday lives. I see it as a horrible excuse for self-imposed segregation. Didn't the Nazis build these? Homophobes are doing a pretty good job of marginalising the gay community so why do these fools feel like helping them along?. Because they usually consist of high-quality housing with low crime rates lots of straight people usually move in as well defeating the point of them in the first place.

I have to admit, this writeup was written on a purely light note so I can be accused to trivialising the issue. However, just because there is a 50 year gap between us and the Nazi movement does not mean the prejudice is dead or that the same things could happen again: while I understand the need of a supportive gay community I also think that exclusivity is a bad thing. But who exactly am I alienating?