The freedom to say exactly as you please. Lets just get one thing straight: The much vaunted western "freedom of speech" is a lie.

Of course, you can say what you like whenever you want as long as you say it to yourself quietly while no one is around. Beyond that freedom of speech exists in degrees and not in simplistic black or white, you either have it or not, terms.

It starts with small, everyday things: you don't swear at your mother. You have to check what you say at work. From there it just gets worse: our precious media, our newspapers and televisions stations, are constantly under pressure to portray certain views in certain lights. Most of these institutions are owned by individuals with an agenda and not hypothetical groups of "enlightened westerners" who would never dream of abusing their power.

And, god help us, if war should ever break out (again) then you can kiss your precious "freedom of speech" goodbye because governments tend to make people shut up if they feel someone is questioning their crusade.

True, freedom of speech is a rare commodity and simply because the "majority of the world population" lack this basic right in comparison to wonderful western civilisation does not mean that we should just shut up and put up. Just because it is in America's constitution does not mean it is true! Just because we live in a relatively safe and pluralistic society does NOT mean we always will. Just because our governments don't (always) abuse our trust in them does not mean that other governments are equally benevolent.