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I'm on disability after a work accident in '96 which WCB declined after 2 months and several appeals yet my Disability II
application was accepted after going through 2 Md's, the 2nd one, being logical & having a bit of empathy and compassion.
I moved to Kelowna in 1990 and worked fairly steady in the sign business again (moved from Surrey in '90 to raise our 2
children, one of whom died of SIDS in '83) 'til '93 when I moved indoors to a steel fabrication company where & when my back
trouble started in '95 & was acerbated in March '96. Since then I've almost been pronounced twice; 1st with renal failure
circa 2001 and then a heart attack circa 2003. Combined, those two events have really scrambled my memory but overall, I
count myself as being blessed by God and also by having the family and extended family, as well as friends who have helped
me through the injuries and trauma and recovery; a long process indeed but I'm on God's timetable now, Who throughout this
summer when I got more serious about my Spiritual life, has provided my brothers and I with truly magnificent answers to
prayers which some would call miracles!

God be with you!

Richard, Surrey, BC, CA