November 27, 2000 was my 40th birthday. I am reminded of a story regarding Strawberry Cheesecake that went something like this:

I took a lady I knew out for a date on my birthday approximately two years ago. I think it was two years ago because we went to see the relatively inferior animated version (ripoff) of The Ten Commandments titled Prince of Egypt.

After the first movie - I forget the name - we went to an Italian restaurant and I had a plate of spaghetti. Seeing the size of the plate as being what I thought was rather small, I then also ordered a plate of alfredo which is noodles in a cheese sauce.

I ate most of it and was feeling full but it was so tasty I ate all of the alfredo after having eaten the spaghetti. Big mistake.

Throughout all of Prince of Egypt, I spent my time holding my stomach and suffering unbelievably agonizing indigestion.

I took my date home and then I went home, feeling about as stuffed as a Christmas turkey. When I got there, they had gotten me the one thing I wanted for my birthday: a strawberry cheesecake. I was so stuffed I couldn't even think about it, let alone eat any. I had to wait until the next day before I could have any, I was so sad.

I learned a valuable lesson about stopping when you're full. I do, now.