For Christmas, I was given a new mobile phone. One of the latest, and it has a vibrate function - pretty handy if you're in a meeting or on a train and don't want to disturb anyone. So, I'm having a really bad day and because it's been a tough week, I'm tired and grumpy and feeling particularly stressed. At 8am, I started on the Coke, then coffee - even a Red Bull - and now I'm feeling wired. So wired, my stomach is in a knot and my legs haven't stopped jumping around for about an hour. I'm also able to type at lightspeed as I'm sure you can imagine. All this is made slightly worse by the fact that I started playing Squash to get fit and ever since the beginning of the week, I've been aching all over.

So anyway, the end of the day comes around (I'm still wired) and I say goodnight to everyone in the office. I've got to be home in an hour because a repair man is coming over so I speedwalk (half walk, half run) to the train station. As I get there, huffing and puffing, they decide to turn on all the lights (blinding everyone who's just come in from the dark) and it's then that I start to have my heart attack. A full blown, eyes stinging, arms arching, stomach crunching, heart wrentching, heart attack! My life flashed before me, and I started to think "why me?!" It kept going but after about a minute, my heart returned to normal. The people around me stopped staring at the freaky sweaty man ("whaaat?! you never seen anyone have a heart attack?!") and went about their business. It was only then that I realised I'd put my mobile in my jacket pocket on silent/vibrate and had 1 missed call!

Phew...close one.