Day 2 - "The Day of Realisation"

Although the title is Day 2, this is actually the beginning of my little story. Day 1 was quiet and all was fine in the house. My flatmate had been away for the previous week so I'd had the entire place to myself. I could have a shower with the bathroom door open, I could cook naked (nothing that splatters, obviously), I could watch TV in my boxer shorts - and watch what the hell I like (even though it is my TV) and my girlfriend and I had plenty of "us" time. Like I said, Day 1 was quiet, Day 2 however got off to an icy cold start. Literally. The heating had been turned off. My flatmate had decided the previous night that it was too hot in the house (we'd probably reached room temperature - "watch out! we'll melt") and turned it all off. He doesn't need to be up in the morning so he won't notice that it's -10° before the sun comes up. So yeah, I'm climbing out of bed with icicles hanging off my nose and I make my way to the bathroom bleary eyed. After remembering to lock the bathroom door, I launch myself into the shower cubicle in anticipation of a hot jet of steaming water. Instead, I'm encased in ice from the top down. I scream like a child who's just had it's balloon stolen. The hot water is off too. B*stard.

Having waited around impatiently for 20 minutes while the hot water comes on, I finally get my shower, get dressed and head off to work. My day generally goes quite well but by the time 5:30pm comes around I'm really tired. I catch the bus home but I'm forced to listen to two guys at the back of the bus singing (badly) at the top of their voice pretending to be on Popidols or something. Fifteen minutes later I'm ready to kill them, as are the rest of the people on the bus. When somebody does finally say something, they try to start a fight - fortunately for me, it's my stop.

I flip my key out, open the front door, and head up the stairs. As I reach the top, I'm set upon by flatmate. Ever seen a dog greet it's master when it returns home after work? JUST. LIKE. THAT. My flatmate, having no job at the moment, is doing everything possible to alleviate his boredom. He's bought an impressive array of technology - new cordless phones, new microwave, you get the idea. I'm hungry, all I wanna do is cook my dinner, watch some TV, read my book (Feersum Endjinn by Iain M. Banks - an excellent book by the way) and get some sleep. To cook my dinner, I need to learn how to use this new microwave. It's surprisingly easy to use (despite the mass of controls on the front) but by now my patience is wearing thin. The constant chatter in my ear hasn't stopped since I walked through the door thirty minutes ago and it's reeeeally starting to grind.

I manage to get a few minutes to myself while I get changed in my room. I can see how the rest of the night is going to play out. My flatmate is going to sit on his PC all evening on a dating website and laughing just loud enough for me to hear him wherever I am in the house. If I go and watch TV, he'll come and join me. So here I am, sitting in my room, writing this for e2 and dealing with the fact that it's time I got my own place. While it's very appealing, it's also a bit scary - what if I go insane on my own? I know I won't be on my own all the time, get my drift. Enough for now, I think I'll read my book and get some sleep.

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