Dead or Alive

Brad Wong winning, exclaiming,
Have a drink, won't you?
But try putting into effect
What I told you again and again
and again and again...

You can't kick Jason, he'll just
grab your foot throw you down
toss you around mess you up
put you in the air,
and Kasumi finishes with a kick.

So sue me, I'm rappin' about X-Box,
I have a soft spot for video games
and other forms of geek entertainment
Bringin' us together
in Mike's basement
hardly a party,
consisting of the four of us,
hidden from light
Not fit for human consumption!

Starin' at the screen,
watching Gen Fu harnessing
the infinite mysticism of the universe.

But there is no feeling so sublime
as watching Zack's Thai Boxing
and no words so sweet
as his battle cry,
"It's bitchin!"