Well, I'm fairly new to E2, and as such, I'm completely addicted. Unfortunately I find myself in a particularly bad place--I have ran out of things to node.

I tried the "Node Your Homework" concept, but that only lasted me 16 writeups. A mere sixteen! For three years work of homework, I would've expected more. I guess that's how little I've done in high school that's of any quality at all. I tried a writeup about my car, which I think came out pretty good, although not nearly as factual as my homework writeups. Now, I'm stuck.

What happened today in my life? Well, my brother continues to insult my car (and anything car-related such as the windows, air conditioning, and the music I play, as well as the stereo it is played on). I'd like to see how much better he can do with half the money (which is how much he has to spend).

A little piece of advice for those who recently learned to drive and now have their own car: never, ever, drive your parents anywhere. Now that they've taught you to drive and left you on your own, they're going to be incredibly critical of your driving. To the point that my mom was bracing herself, hand on the dashboard, should I hit the car 30 feet in front of me. Apparently she maintains a distance such that you can't read the license plate on the car in front of her... even when that car slows down for a right turn.

School was good today. I managed not to fall asleep during most of my classes, unlike yesterday. I think my History teacher appreciated it.

First period: math teacher is sick, /me plays Uncle Worm.

Second period: Theory of Knowledge. Teacher is tired of class discussion... we watch Rushmore.

Third period: Psychology. Discussion of Dr. Stephen Pinker and his work's effect on linguistics (with a sidenote about Noam Chomsky). Interestingness-dial set to "Boring".

Fourth period: English. Presentations about how bad Africa is. Well, actually about "Problems facing Africa today". Quite depressing. I had to present; I probably should've wrote something about it.

Lunch. We sat outside, while it rained. Here in Arizona we don't get much, so we like to enjoy it. Steve brought a new friend to our table. He's from Florida, I think. I get the idea that he hates all of us with a passion. He's too cool for us, I can tell. I hate cool.

Sixth period: Government. My only non-IB class (as in, with the "regular" students). Long story short, we had a work day in the library, so I began my Mazda MX-6 node on Everything2, with a site about Alexander Hamilton ready to pop up in case the teacher walked by.

Seventh period: History. Yeah, makes sense that I constantly fall asleep in the last period of the day. Today I didn't. Carl looked like he was struggling though. More discussion of the Bolshevik Russian Revolution (that's the second one, folks, not the one the overthrew the Czar.)

Well, that's my day. Hope you've all enjoyed it. I just had to share. If you don't like this, or thought it was a waste of time reading it, please just ignore it. It isn't meant to enlighten, or to be insightful, or entertaining. It's just meant to waste your time, and mine. God, I love wasting time. Hard work may pay off later, but procrastination pays off now.