I had another journal prompt in IB English 4 today. The prompt was "How do you characterize your attitude(s) regarding learning and school? Be honest. How would you like to change them and how could you do so?"

Learning is, to me, the epitome
of a life in which there is none,
only one objective:
the aquisition of knowledge.

In through the eyes, streaming
from the streamlined minds of
thousands in this hive of humans.

One collective heartbeat, laughing
at those who march to the beat
of a different drum

We're all in a tub
of margarine--
marginalized, homogenized, collectivized.

School is the tool that they use
to control our minds; my mind.

Education's reciprocated by those who
realize they've made it...
holding down jobs in business and politics
given to hysterical fits of abuse of power
bogged down in semantics
wasting our lives hour by hour